Reggie Dabbs

“I have shared the stage and many events with Mike. His heart for people his unique style of communication opens the door for lives to be changed by the power of Jesus Christ. I highly recommend having my friend Mike shared your event or at your church.”

Eric Samuel Timm

“Over the years I have seen Mike backstage and with students at events. That’s what matters most to me, that he’s available for people. He’s a lover and fighter for what is good. If you have an audience to LOVE and want someone to be available to them, give Mike a call.”

Donna Russo

“We have been blessed to have Mike Gordon join us at kingdom bound for the past few years. He communicates an honest truth to young people that engages them to reach out to God.”

Kingdom Bound & Christian Festival Association

100 Huntley Street

“Mike Gordon is an absolute pleasure to meet! He has a wonderful sense of humour and exudes the joy and love of Christ to everyone he comes in contact with. His passion for youth ministry is inspiring. He is blessed with a gift of communication that God is using to speak to the heart of teens.”

National TV Show

Change Conference

“Mike is humble, down to earth and real – he connected with our audience at change conference and shared the message of the Gospel in a unique and creative way. I would be more than happy to recommend him for any speaking occasion!”

Canada’s Largest Youth Conference

John Wilkinson

“Mike Gordon is an amazing communicator to youth and youth workers alike – he is like a ray of sunshine breaking through an overcast sky in the midst of honest inquiry about the important things in life. He is vulnerable, honest, direct, humorous and unpretentious. He understands the culture of the day and how the gospel of Jesus Christ can penetrate the darkness and provide eternal hope, peace and joy.”

Executive Coach and Strategist – Youth Unlimited Toronto
Tyndale University & College Chancellor

Alpha Canada

“Mike Gordon is one of the most authentic speakers I have encountered. He is the same both on and off the stage! Mike’s ability to simultaneously work a crowd, and yet make personal connections with individuals is unprecedented in my experience.”

Promise Keepers Canada

“Mike is well-known for speaking to youth and younger adults but he communicates well to people of all ages. He is authentic, energetic, connects well to the attendees and most importantly, presents the Truth in a way that allows men to grow their faith. This is why I continually ask him if he is available to speak at Promise Keepers conferences for men across Canada.”

Mike Love

“It was great to have Mike Gordon at YC Alberta. His unique sense of humour and gift of communicating captivates young people in ways that inspire them to be more like Jesus. Mike does this as well as anyone I know and truly comes to serve the vision of your ministry.”

YC Alberta

Today's Teens Conference

“In a reality where young people are naturally skeptical of issues of faith and people of faith, Mike Gordon is one of those few communicators who this generation wants to listen to. He brings together humour, creative stories, a deep faith and a theological understanding that challenges the youth of all walks of faith, both those far from God and those who are seeking to go deeper, to engage with the message and person of Jesus.”

Melinda Estabrooks

“Best. Co-host. Ever. Mike knows how to engage and infuse an audience with high energy and infectious laughter – and in the same breath – he can create a beautiful space for silence, contemplation and thoughtfulness. He’s good. He’s really good. And he loves Jesus. A lot. I’d share the stage with him, anytime.”

Executive Producer at Crossroads Christian Communication Inc, TV, Radio, Podcast Host and International Speaker

Arrow Leadership

Mike has a compelling presence that not only notices people, but brings them together in a creative, energetic, and compassionate way. His passion to be led more by Jesus and leading more like Jesus is uniquely exhibited with enthusiasm and commitment to lead more people to Jesus. His strategic and curious mind, along with his gift for communication, positions him to connect with youth in Canada in ways that others can’t. The world needs more “Mikes.”

Dr. Sharon Simmonds – Director of Programs

Camp Qwanoes

“Mike brought tons of energy and enthusiasm as a speaker – not only in the sessions when he spoke to our campers but also whenever he made himself available to campers and staff by joining games, doing activities or just hanging out on the field. Mike is a speaker you’ll see engaging people beyond just from the stage. Mike connects so well with everyone and God worked through him in great ways.”

Spring Arbor University

“In 36 years of ministry with Christian university students and having planned over 2000 chapel services, I can count on two hands the speakers I have heard that can connect with a chapel audience like Mike Gordon. He will be a regular on my chapel schedule for years to come!”

Youth Quake

“Mike is an engaging, passionate speaker who loves the Lord and connects extremely well with students of all ages. We greatly valued mike’s ministry us at Youth Quake”

Youth Quake

Fluid Young Adult Gathering

“Mike led an engaging breakout lab at Fluid 2015 that was so packed that it may have broken a few fire codes (yikes). He is a passionate, humble guy and we were glad to have him minister to the next generation.“

Canadian Youth Network

“It is without hesitation that I can recommend Mike Gordon as a speaker to your ministry. He brings honesty, enthusiasm, humility and with an ability to quickly connect with students of any age. Mike clearly communicates his personal journey of God’s grace, bringing a relevance to all listeners. Once you meet Mike you will find a friend and someone you can trust.”

John Latta


If you are looking for an excellent, engaging communicator who is unwavering in proclaiming truth, look no further than Mike Gordon. Mike is a seasoned veteran who understands the nuanced challenges of engaging students and leaders alike. I have been pleased to work with Mike in the past and look forward to future opportunities.

Rev. Joey B. Molloy – Executive Ministry Director

Thrive Discipleship

“We have had Mike teach a week-long class at the Thrive Discipleship Program on a number of occasions. His incredible ability to engage young adults combined with his sound theological foundation make him the perfect fit. Our students always love their week with Mike!

President Darryl Balzer

Love is Moving

“Mike is a long-standing and faithful contributor to Love Is Moving magazine, which is published by The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. He offers young adults, youth and youth leaders insightful content that is highly relevant and engaging. We value his ongoing contribution to the Kingdom by blessing Canadians as a speaker and writer. We hope to continue to partner with him in the years to come.”

National Magazine

Youth for Christ Canada

“Mike Gordon is an incredibly gifted, highly energetic, and good looking speaker!  (He told me to say the good looking part)  YFC Canada is thrilled to have Mike on the team, brining the good news of Jesus to youth and young adults right across Canada and around the world.  Mike has sacrificed much to bring his message to youth and now we are thankful to be able to partner with him to help promote and resource and steward his gifts.  Book him for any event, you won’t be disappointed!”

All Ontario Youth Convention

“It is clear that Mike has a love and passion for what he does. His real-life attitude and care for each and every individual set him apart. He is full of excitement and truth which will keep you wanting more.”

Paul Robertson

“Mike is one of the most creative, honest speakers I’ve heard in a long time. His life journey has put him in a perfect position to speak strongly into the lives of young people and youth workers alike. Mike’s passion for God’s Word and creative communication style set him apart.”

Youth Culture Specialist

Springforth Moncton

“Mike keeps it real. He connects at a real level with youth. Mike’s stories and authenticity shows the students he understands their world and then he invites them to encounter Jesus in their world. Mike has such a servant heart, not only does he connect with students from the stage, but he connects with them in conversations and during the fun.”

Jr. Pitch n' Praise

“Mike is a fantastic communicator, he is energetic, authentic and speaks from his heart. Not only that, he relates to students on a personal level. Not once did I see him without a student at his side, even joining some small groups throughout the weekend. If you want someone who really takes the time to invest in your students, he’s your man!”

Blizzard & Avalanche Youth Retreats

“We’ve had Mike for several initiatives and keep inviting him for 3 reasons: he is first and foremost a follower of Jesus, he shares the gospel clearly and who you see on stage is who he is – a person who humbly serves and is willing to hang out with anyone (just like Jesus).”

Alvin Lau – CBOQ Youth Ministries Associate

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