As we move into the Fall season, it would mean the world to me if you could keep me in prayer (and I would love to pray for you too)


I will be going back to school this Fall with an unique program through Arrow Leadership. I will continue to do ministry full-time on top of this so please pray I can find the proper ministry, school and personal life balance.

I am continuing to lead 2230 Young Professionals which is great, but my prayer this season is to find someone, or a team of people to take on the practical side of running this very large community in London, Ontario.

As you may know with YFC Canada, I am fortunate to fundraise my salary under this amazing organization. Up until this year, I have been privileged to have my speaking honorariums cover a significant amount of what I need to raise, however, as I go school, I will be taking on less speaking engagements which means I will need to rely more on donations to make up my income. Could you pray that amazing people see the value in this ministry and can join me as a financial partner so I don’t need to spend one second worrying about this.

I am still looking to hire someone to help me in the creative administrator role. We have had some amazing people apply this year, but we have yet to find the right fit. Hoping this Fall that person comes along.

I was approached and asked to take on a new project this Fall where I will be filming 60 videos based off a book that was written. The hope is to have this resource available across the country to better reach people who are asking real questions about Christianity. Filming will be starting soon with the goal to release the first wave for videos later this Fall. Pray that this project will connect greatly with young people (and old).

Pray for new speaking opportunities to come along. I have been sooooo blessed to have so many incredible opportunities over the years, but I still feel like I’m hitting a glass ceiling in some ways (if that makes sense). Hoping to keep moving forward as new doors open

Continue to pray for my health. I am ‘back’ but I’m not 100% yet.

Now…How can I pray for you?!?
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