Made Famous Tour

Spring Tour 2017
9 Months of Planning
78 Day Tour
77 Cites/Towns
86 Speaking Engagements
20,000+ Kms of Traveling
10,000+ People

For the last two and a half months, I have had the privilege to travel across Canada and into the U.S while speaking at churches, rallies, Bible Colleges, conferences and more. Over this time, I shared a simple message – “Don’t be so well adjusted to your culture where you fit in without thinking.” We all have these moments where we chase after the conditions of this world with a deep desire to be known by people as we think that will fulfill us and validate us….yet we’re hurting, empty, lonely and still searching for something more…which is ultimately a relationship with Him as we tap into the understanding that we are Made Famous (known) by God and how that changes the way we see ourselves in the mirror, and changes the steps we take in life following Christ.


I like people…I am so thankful for the literal thousands and thousands of new people I met along the way as they shared their stories, hurts and prayer requests with myself. I am also thankful for all the friendships I was able to reconnect with on this tour as well – I have always said, speaking is only half of the “speaking” ministry. I love it!

I was asked to do an TV interview on a TV show called 13 Reasons Why during the tour – Although I ended up passing the interview along to a good friend, I had to opportunity to watch this series and honestly, it brought a new focus and depth to this tour, the message, interactions with people as this shows paints a very real picture of the culture we are surrounded by and ministering to.

I spoke at a very special event for a little 6-year-old girl named Sophia who fought her battle with cancer and won! I was so encouraged by her as it really puts life, and what we do with it into perspective.

I had the opportunity to speak at Y.C Alberta which was literally a dream I have been chasing for the last 11 years as a speaker. It was so good and a little surreal.

I literally feel I have the best ‘job” in the world – I love every part of it from the admin (believe it or not), the planning, the speaking, the creative, the people, the adventures, the travels, the late night conversations, and simply being entrusted to share Jesus with everyone in this context. I am so thankful beyond words.


All my ministry partners who support me through finances, and prayer through Youth for Christ Canada. I literally could not do this without your support as it opens many doors and allows me to take engagements without ever having to charge a penny.

Muskoka Woods and Alpha Canada were the two amazing organizations who I was able to partner with on this tour.

Every pastor, director and leader who allowed me to come in and share with their group. That’s an honour that I do not take for granted.

Those who bought MADE FAMOUS t-shirts so help support the tour!

God – Literally…for breathing life into this tour and ministry, and allowing myself with my weird humour and semi-good looks to travel and glorify Him in the process.

Mike Gordon

©2022 Mike Gordon