Q – How much does he charge?

A – Mike does not have a “set fee” to bring him in, however, he simply asks everyone to sincerely try and do their best financially. He is 100% willing to work with anyone’s budget to a reasonable extent. We ask if you can please do your best for Mike because we believe he is one of the best at what he does in the country. If money is an issue when booking him, please send us a message and we can try and see if there are creative ways to make it happen.

Q – Does he only do “big events”?

A – The size of the crowd does not matter to Mike at all. He has spoken to crowds of 15,000+ to literally crowds of 2. Please do not feel pressured about how many people will be at your event.

Q – Is Mike just a youth speaker?

A – No. Through his years of pastoring and speaking, Mike has spoken to every age bracket in the church. He’s not a “youth speaker”, he’s simply a speaker. Less than half his speaking engagements are to youths while everything else is adults.

– What kind of settings does Mike speak in?

A. Mike has become a very dynamic speaker as a result of the many different platforms he has spoken on over the years. From teaching Bible College classes to speaking at festivals to doing fundraisers with fancy people; his speaking stretches beyond just youth rallies, camps and Sunday mornings.

– Is Mike just a testimony speaker?

A.  No. Out of an average of 230-270 speaking engagements a year, Mike may share his story 2 or 3 times when requested.

Q – What will he speak on?

A – Mike is not a one-hit wonder. With his experience and education, he should be able to accommodate your request if a theme or topic is given to him early enough. He is also sensitive to the doctrines of each denomination as he has spoken in many of them. (Note: He doesn’t do talks on mental health due to not feeling properly educated and equipped in that field)

– Will we see him?

A. Mike is a people’s person so he will try to spend every second he possibly can with everyone, making himself available and easy to access. He won’t just hide in the back like he has leprosy.

– Does he always dress like that?

A. Pretty much. What you see is what you get but he does dress kinda formal here and there if you’re lucky.

Q – How far in advance do we need to book Mike?

A – At this moment, Mike usually plans 6 to 10 months in advance. The earlier you book him the better. Saying that, he has been known to take speaking engagements on 1-day notice so feel free to send an inquiry.

Q – What if we book him and then we change our plans?

A – Hopefully the group who books Mike understands if he says yes to your booking, that usually means he’s going to have to say no to other bookings. If you need to cancel your event or change plans, we will do our best to have the understanding. However, depending on the circumstances,  we may politely ask you to live up to the financial agreement or provide some financial compensation if we are unable to reschedule. We hope you can understand.

Q – The 1% chance he needs to reschedule?

A – Although Mike wants to commit to everything, there has been the odd moment where an opportunity comes along which is very hard to pass up on for various reasons. Although it’s not often, Mike will ask for some grace if Hillsong United asks him to go on tour with them but he can’t say yes because you booked him first. If that happens, Mike will hope to reschedule with your church/event and offer his services up for free as his way to extend his grace. Although this is very very very rare, this is just the formal heads up.

Q – Do we need to provide blue M&M’s?

A – Mike does not have any legit demands when he speaks and will work with what you have. If he’s traveling your way, sometimes supplying a private place in any way, shape or form to sleep would go a long way though. As well, if he is flying in to speak, having someone get him from and back to the airport would be greatly appreciated….A room full of puppies is always welcomed too.

Q – What does Mike hope from us?

A – As Mike continues to grow his network and his ministry, if you have a positive experience with him, he would hope you could formally recommend him to your ministry network. Using your contacts and social media; it would go a long way to spread the word about his ministry and your experience with him. He may also ask you to write an endorsement for his website if you’re lucky.


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