Life Sometimes

I have lost hope over and over again in life.

If it’s with my dreams, a relationship, my career, or in life itself. We all have these moments in life when we don’t see how it’s all going to turn out,
and it sucks when you’re in that moment.

Hope is simply to cherish a desire with anticipation. Hope is what Jesus’ disciples and His friends would have had after hearing Him teach on establishing a new Kingdom here on earth. Hope that the days of being oppressed under the kingdom of the Roman Empire will soon be over. Hope that Shalom will finally reign amongst them. As they committed their lives to pursue this hope, they were left standing in the distance staring at a blood stained cross.

In life, we all have these moments where we anticipate God to move a certain way but when it doesn’t look the way we anticipated and in the timing we thought, we lose hope.

We lose hope in our dreams, in our job, in our finances, in our relationships or in life itself. Sometimes we lose hope in ourselves, and sometimes we lose hope in God.

We feel broken, confused, and forsaken like those who followed Jesus did while watching in the distance thinking, it wasn’t suppose to be like this. “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards”.

It’s easy to focus on the blood stained Cross because we have yet to see the empty tomb.

What have you given up on in life and declared dead because you have yet to see the victory in the end? Choose hope in everything. God is still working.

©2022 Mike Gordon