Who is your ministry leader?

Is it a Lead pastor?
A Ministry Director?
A Youth or Young Adult leader?
A Worship Coordinator?
A Sunday school Volunteer?
An intern?

Have you ever thought that your ministry leader could be…

Or Deflated?

More so, have you ever thought that the ones causing these feelings are the same people these leader are trying to serve?
Did you know 83% of spouses have wanted their partner to quit ministry at some point because of the battle wounds caused by their own flock?
That stat alone might give you the best picture of how your ministry leader could be doing right now.

Your complaining is draining.
Your personal attacks are depressing.
Your lack of support is stressful.
Your gossip behind their backs is heartbreaking.
Your lack of care is discouraging.
Your constant negativity is deflating.
You need to stop because it’s killing them.

Verbally encouraging their efforts.
Reach out and pray for them.
Volunteer and help them with the ministry.
Speak highly about them to others
Say thank you once in awhile.
Bring constant positivity into their life.
Be reminded that ministry is much harder than it looks, so don’t make it harder than it needs to be.
Please be kind, supportive, and loving to your ministry leaders because they are doing the best they can to serve you.

Mike Gordon
Youth for Christ Canada

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