In this Moment

Many of us were shocked to hear that Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7 others lost their lives in a tragic helicopter accident in California.

Unfortunately, news like this often reminds us that life is like a mist which appears just for a little time.
And in that little time, our days are made up of what feels like endless moments we often take for granted.

The truth is in this moment…

Today could be the last time you take your parents anywhere they want for lunch before they are unexpectedly put into a home.
It could be the last time your child needs you to hold their hand while crossing the street before they become too old.
Today could be the last time you collect a paycheck before your financial situation changes in an instant.
It could be last time to hug your spouse before life unexpectedly changes.
Today could be the last time you pass that person on the street because they may be somewhere else tomorrow.
It could be the last time you are completely healthy and have the ability to do anything you want.
Today could be the last time to tell your loved one on the phone how much they truly mean to you before you hang up.
Looking back at life, we often say ‘we would have done it differently’ if we knew this moment would be the last.
We would have cherished it differently
We would have said something differently

We would have expressed our love differently

As you step into today, why not live every moment with that kind of awareness, presence and sensibility.
The Bible says to be wise and make the most of every opportunity because tomorrow is not promised.
Be wise with the moments you have today.

Mike Gordon | Youth for Christ Canada

©2022 Mike Gordon