Get Off Your Donkey

A few years ago I sat down and had lunch with Dr. Barry Moore – It’s believed this man has spoken to more people face to face as an evangelist than anyone in this country. This 90-year-old man decided to give me relationship advice as he clearly saw I needed help.

He said “There are women everywhere. Just go to the park,
and they are just sitting on the benches. Pick one and marry her”


Behind what he was saying was, I need to get off my butt and play my part in this, rather than just hoping, waiting and sitting on the couch doing nothing – Yet somehow expect to get married one day.

After talking to many Christian women, here are 5 things for single men…

Go to Church

The reality is there’s a lot more single women in the church than there are single men. In no way am I saying go to church to meet women…I’m saying go to church because these women are looking for a real man of God. Take your relationship with Jesus serious and then a woman might think about taking a relationship with you serious.


Be a leader. I’m not talking about the traditional 1950’s man of the house leader but the reality is women out there are attracted to leadership qualities. Take the initiative to pursue her…She likes that.

Work Towards Something

If your resume looks almost the same as it did when you graduated high school, I would suggest putting down the Xbox controller and start working towards something a little more significant. Many women are attracted to a man who is working towards something from personal goals to a career. It has nothing to do with money but everything to with knowing he is driven, hardworking and motivated to make the most out of life.

Don’t try too hard…But Try a Little

Basic grooming, deodorant, a little fitness and clean clothes can go a long way. Don’t leave your house as if you don’t care about life because that message might speak much louder than you think. Use your appearance to express yourself.

Talk to them!!!

Liking her Facebook status does not mean you talked to her.
Looking at her from across the church does not mean you talked to her.
Standing in a group where everyone else talked to her except you, does not mean you talked to her.

Talking to her means you are in front of them, making eyes contact and sounds are coming out of your mouth. Try this! It shows you have confidence and you can put your personality on display…as well you get to discover her personality too. Believe it or not, up until just a few years ago, it’s how every relationship in the history of ever has started.
Yes, it’s intimidating but it’s what separates the men from the boys.

Single men: There’s an amazing woman out there waiting for you to be the answer to her prayers. Get off your donkey and start being the one. That goes deeper than just focusing on finding the “one”.

Mike Gordon

©2022 Mike Gordon