Fall Update


Now people have been asking,
“Are you still going to be speaking?”

Well….The simple answer is yes, however, after speaking 160 times so far this year, I have decided to take the rest of 2018 off the road to focus on marriage, settling into a home, and focusing on this new season of life. 

I will be back on the road speaking at the beginning of 2019 and I would LOVE to come serve you, your church, or ministry so please reach out…

In the meantime, what will I be doing until then?

 I just hired Josh Swarath to help me with all my media and tech part of the ministry. From what we are seeing in today’s culture with young people, this is the first generation (Post-Millennials) who aren’t stepping into church. The way to reach them and make a first impression is through their phone and screens. So Josh and I are going to work on some projects to better reach these young people online with the hope that can introduce them to Jesus in a positive way…

 I planted a Young Professional ministry called 2230 about 4 years ago and today our community has grown past 400 people. Now unlike Post-Millennials, this generation (Millennials), have left the church according to the research and data in Canada and the U.S. So through City Networking events, Worship Parties and Neighbourhood events, we have created a space for this 22-30 age bracket. Our hope and goal is to keep them connected to church, while using the connected to help reconnect the one’s who have walked away. Our team has some great plans moving forward which now includes a formal partnership with Compassion Canada. This Fall I will be putting a lot more attention to serving and leading 2230.

 THE BOOK!!! I have been chipping away on writing a book for years. The hope is to use this time over the next season to make writing a priority – This content is geared towards the 2 groups mentioned above.


I believe in transparency so here we go….

I brought my ministry under Youth for Christ Canada over 2 years ago, and as a result, I get to raise funds for my salary set by Youth for Christ. From there, YFC pays me from that account like a regular salary. Make sense? Over the last 2 years, the honorariums I receive from speaking have made up the majority of my YFC account so I haven’t had to rely fully on donations…See where I’m going here? (Keep reading)

Well…If I am not going to be on the road speaking over the next few months, this gives me an incredible opportunity to reach out to expand the team which makes all of this happen. 

I am personally inviting you to JOIN THE TEAM, and partner with myself, YFC, these ministries and this new season of life I am entering into.

Whether you are young….or not as young, $10 a month…$50 a month…A one-time gift. Everyone little bit helps, but every little bit also allows us to partner in this together.

 If you have any questions, I would love to connect with you personally…

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Mike Gordon

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