Beauty of Stories

I think one of the greatest things about meeting a new person is being able to swap stories. I was just recently sitting across from someone I just met as we shared stories about our lives and how we ended up where we were in that moment all because of what God has done.

Stories allows us to look back

Stories allows us to reminisce

Stories allows us to think clearly

Stories allows us to experience

Stories allows us to see God has always been there

As I sat across from this angel of a human being, I was really being reminded how amazing God was, is and always will be. I was able to be reminded how blessed I am in life just through the stories as we looked back together.

We forget sometimes, eh? And when we forget, we complain, we get frustrated, and we question just the simple fact if God still loves us anymore…or if He ever loved us at all.

There’s a story in the Bible Jesus gives which is the parable of the lost son. We know the story. Basically the younger son goes up to his Jewish father and basically says, I wish you were dead, give me all my money. His father grants him his request. He leaves, blows it all, and then comes crawling back into his father’s loving arms. This son is obviously the most popular one in the story, however there’s another son….the older son. This son who didn’t walk away from his father gets upset because his brother is being blessed in the form of an awesome beef eating party and he complains about not being blessed himself as he has been with him all along.

He father says to him, “you are always with me, and everything I have is yours.”

He basically says, if you look back up to this point, you will be reminded that you have always been with me….or from another angle, that the father always been with him. He has been walking in and experiencing the blessings all along. He just had to be reminded of what he truly had.

As for you, if you look back in your life, see the beauty of your story and connect the dots, you will be reminded how blessed you are in life. God your Father has always been with you, taking care of you and has given you everything you need. Yes there’s moments in our lives when things seem otherwise, but truly stop, look back…and then look around and through your story be reminded how much you truly have been blessed in life.

If you’re having trouble, try starting with Jesus.


©2022 Mike Gordon