What if 2021 had less to do with furthering your own life, and had more to do with being a blessing to others around you?

Could that way of living change your life more than any other New Years Resolution?

In Genesis 12, God tells Abram (Abraham) to ‘Go from your country, your people, and your father’s household to the land I will show you’.

And then God said, ‘You will be a blessing’

This was a brand new way of doing life.

In those days, ‘your people’ would accumulate possessions, fight battles, and gain territory for preservation and survival.

Life had to be about you…

Because if it wasn’t, then you would be taken over or killed by another group of people looking out for themselves. This was how society operated for thousands of years. Life was about you, your group of people, and furthering your own well-being.

So when God tells Abram to go and be a blessing – It was no longer about furthering his own well-being. Life was now about going beyond himself, and his people to help further the lives of others around him.

This way of life would have been completely opposite from how society operated back then… Yet here we are thousands of years later, and many of us continue to just live for our own preservation, survival and well-being.
So what if 2021 could be less about you, and more about how you can be a blessing as you go beyond yourself to help further the lives of others around you?

Mike Gordon
Youth for Christ Canada

©2022 Mike Gordon