2018 Highlights


This year I had the opportunity to speak around the world, interview on a few national TV shows, be published in magazines, but more importantly, I got to see many people from all ages give their lives to Christ. 

From speaking to the 2230 Young Professional ministry I help lead, here are the three highlights which stick out the most.


Earlier in the year, I had the opportunity to teach a week of classes at a Bible College in Saskatchewan. I have taught in Christian Colleges and Universities across Canada in the past, but to be able to fly to the North Pole to teach for a whole week was a highlight simply because it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to invest into young students and future leaders.


I still love the festivals and band environment which I feel my style and personality best fits into. One highlight was teaming up with Skillet again – They had over 1 BILLION online streams in 2018. They are big and continuously are the nicest people in the industry…I’m excited to be with them again in 2019 at Kingdom Bound.


Speaking in the Middle East. I had the opportunity to speak at a few events, churches and conferences in Dubai and the UAE, followed by the opportunity to speak at a church in Jerusalem, Israel. This is where Christianity was birthed….Surreal opportunity.


Going into 2018, I decided to drop 100 speaking engagements to better focus on my personal life (Still spoke 160 times). The reality is after 7 years on the road, this is the area I have sacrificed the most. Going into the year, I decided to make some changes so here are 3 life-changing highlights that came out of it.


Skydiving in Dubai! Usually, when I travel and speak, I am “in and out” but when I was out there, I wanted to take time for myself so why not jump out of a plane? Especially if your #1 fear is heights.


Getting Baptized in the Jordan River when I was in Israel. The backstory – When I was a baby, I wasn’t supposed to live so I was baptized in the hospital. When I became a Christian at the end of High School, the church I went to was cool with infant baptisms so I didn’t get baptized again. Over the years I wanted to make it special and my hope was to get baptized in Israel. Mission accomplished.


I bought a house!!! Why is this huge? Because never in a million years did I expect to own a house doing the ministry I do. This was a God thing.


October 13th I married Kathryne Silver. This miracle is on the same level as Moses parting the Red Sea and Jesus walking on Water.

This was an incredible year and I am excited for 2019. Thank you to everyone who has come alongside this journey through prayer, and through financial support through Youth for Christ Canada. 2019 is going to be a year of trial and error as I continue to dream outside the box to better reach people for Christ in this culture.

I invite you to come alongside this 2019 journey with me.

Mike Gordon
Youth for Christ Canada

©2022 Mike Gordon