12 Years Later


For those who just know me here as a “speaker”, I know this doesn’t mean much…but for those who truly know me personally and for those who have been with me over the last 12 years on this ministry journey…This is a special moment

In 2005 I started following this dream to travel and speak full-time which seemed INSANE to everyone but myself. I was pretty new to being a Christian, new to Bible college, I didn’t dress the part, my humour was too twisted, my looks were too handsome and I physically couldn’t even speak very well to add on top of that…I simply committed to this dream, worked my butt off, made extreme sacrifices and trusted God throughout the whole process as He opened incredible doors.

In 2008, I came across this conference called YC Alberta. This became a dream of mine with the hope that “one day” I could serve and speak at this conference. I also set YC as a benchmark here in Canada to keep me moving forward, working hard, and trusting God. With people like Eric Samuel Timm and Bob Goff who have pointed me to YC and encouraged me along the way…

I am so excited to announce I will speaking there in May!!!

Thank you to anyone and everyone who has been with me throughout this journey and thank you to everyone who has come alongside me to support this dream through encouragement, prayer, opportunities and financially. We’re doing this together.


Mike Gordon


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