Health Update

23 Days in the Hospital

What Happened?

Early February 22nd I was rushed to the hospital by an ambulance because I had something wrong with my stomach.
I was booked to do a major conference the following day which was one of the main influences in going to the hospital as I figured they
would fix me fast and then I will be out in time for the conference.

After a few hours in the emerge, I was greeted by a surgeon who proceeded to tell me I had a severe issue with my intestines.
They were completely twisted, inverted, and one part had a hole in it which all required major surgery to fix. After 4-5 hours
of surgery, I woke up with a 12 inch incision running down my stomach with tubes coming in and out of every place you
could imagine. (Future sermon illustration?)

Over the following month, there was one issue after another from pneumonia, a critical infection,
and a pulmonary embolism (blood clot in the lung) causing “dead lung tissue” and me coughing up blood.

Why Did it Happen?

The blood clot, and infection is common after a major surgery, however the major surgery was uncommon.
Despite the assumption, this medical issue had nothing to do with my lifestyle, pace of life,
or because of speaking a million times a year. The surgeon believes it was a defect from birth which
somehow went unnoticed my entire life.

What Happens Next?

Unfortunately, I had to cancel my entire Spring Speaking Tour to focus on my health.
Moving forward, I am doing well as I continue to improve every week. I am completely off
all of my pain meds, and now I just need to focus on getting stronger as my body finishes
up the healing process. I have lost a lot of weight and strength so with the help of physio and
simply being motived to get back to 100% ASAP, I should be back on my feet by the beginning of May.
I am happy to say the doctor and surgeon has assured me this health issue WILL NOT
affect me moving forward in any way, shape or form.

Looking forward to hit the ground running into the Summer season with Festivals and Camps
across North America. I am also taking speaking engagements into 2020 as we speak
so please reach out if you want to serve alongside each other.

Thank you for all your love, care and support over the past 6 weeks.


©2022 Mike Gordon