In 2013 an opportunity presented itself to go to California and spend a month writing a book in Los Angeles. So I packed up my sunglasses, my sun screen, and my speedo…green for those who are trying to visualize it and flew out to the West Coast.

While I was there, I had this opportunity to go surfing. However, rather than taking the opportunity in the moment, I decided to push it back to the last day. I felt this made the most sense…so I waited…and waited…and waited until the end of the month. When I got to the beach that last day, they had Noah’s Ark sized waves – Which for a surfer would have been legit – However, I’m not a surfer, I’m Canadian – Therefore, I wasn’t able to go surfing when I was down there and the whole time I couldn’t stop thinking…

“If I only took that opportunity when I had the chance”

How many of us live this way? As a result, we carry this same deep feeling along with us in life as we look back at the opportunities we didn’t take. Do you resonate with this? If you just took that opportunity when you had the chance.

Maybe it’s not trying out for that team
Maybe it’s not working harder in school
Maybe it’s not saying yes to that relationship
Maybe it’s not leaving the relationship soon enough
Maybe it’s not jumping on that airplane
Maybe it’s not taking that job
Maybe it’s not leaving that job when you should have
Maybe it’s not forgiving that person when you last saw them
Maybe it’s not telling that person you loved them the last time were with them
Maybe it’s not sharing Christ to the person in your life who was desperately searching
Maybe it’s not pursuing your dream when you had the chance

Have you ever asked yourself this…

What were you waiting for?

This wise guy in the Bible named Solomon says,
“Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap”

If we’re waiting for everything to perfectly align in order for us to take these opportunities

That day may never come

Yes there’s a risk involved any time you take these moments but there’s always a risk involved. However, there’s also a trust involved and that’s the beauty of it as God is with you through it all.

A year after I was in L.A writing the book, I found my way back to California as I was wrapping up a speaking tour. This time around, after carrying this regret with me for the past year, I decided to take the opportunity to go surfing the second I had the chance rather than waiting for the perfect moment, speaking of, for every moment is prefect. That day it was super cold, not very sunny, and had junky conditions but looking back, it’s a moment I will never regret.

In this moment…

What opportunity is in front of you?
What do you need to do?
What are you waiting for?

©2022 Mike Gordon